Turf Pro LTD

Company History

The Sole Proprietorship of Turf Pro was founded in 1988. Originally, it was a business operated in the summer months, as a means to pay for the completion of University by the founder, Dave Colborne. Operations were expanded to full-time, after graduation from Brock University in 1992. Initially, comprehensive landscape maintenance was the only service provided. In 1995, the business was incorporated to form Turf Pro Professional Landscape Maintenance Ltd. During the mid-1990's modest design/build construction projects were added, with full landscape lighting services commencing in 1997. In 2004, irrigation installation and maintenance became a part of the services portfolio. In 2016, full carpentry and home renovation services were added with the purchase of a business from a retiring carpenter, whom we had worked with on numerous jobs, for over 15 years.


The Company now operates four trucks, with dedicated crews working on comprehensive landscape maintenance; design/build construction; lighting design and installation; carpentry and renovation services.

WARRANTY - Construction and Lighting

  • All warranty commences from the date of installation, upon the durations outlined below.
  • All new supplied and installed plant materials are covered by a one (1) year, replacement warranty.
  • All lighting materials are guaranteed for three (3) years. Further manufacturers' warranties are outlined in our individual lighting proposals.
  • All workmanship is guaranteed for two (2) years.
  • Vandalism, abuse, and/or Owner neglect void all warranty.

Our Pledge to you:

Honesty and integrity are paramount goals that all members of the Corporate Team strive to maintain everyday. In keeping with this, all photos contained on this website and promotional materials is 100% our work, and not from generic 'stock' photographs.
We would also like to gratefully acknowledge and thank James McClure for his photography contributions to this site and promotional materials. He was a tremendous help in capturing the essence of our work on camera.