Turf Pro LTD

Intensive Design and Field Training Course

The Intensive Course (IC) is the most exhaustive and comprehensive training regarding landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is one of the most challenging aspects of lighting design: you're working in an open space, in a constantly growing environment submitted to the elements and affected by seasonal change. However, overcoming all these challenges makes it even more rewarding for the designer, and the IC provides the tools to understand how to successfully overcome these obstacles and create a safe, enjoyable night environment.

This 5-day, 5-evening class is lead by internationally acclaimed lighting designer Janet Lennox Moyer who directs a team of more than eighteen instructors. The student - instructor ratio is almost one to one. A series of lectures, demonstrations, presentations and a lot of hands-on field work using all major manufacturers' equipment will allow you to create a great visual composition.

Once you've completed the class, you'll be able to create beautiful landscape lighting compositions, correctly install the equipment required to create your design, have the understanding and tools to document the system to ensure its longevity, and know the steps to properly maintain the equipment over time.

Course Project

The culmination of your learning experience in the Intensive Course is a landscape lighting project designed and realized by you and your fellow attendees. In teams of six, you design, specify, install and aim a full-scale mock-up project in an area of illi Park. On your final night at illi, your team presents your work to your "clients" during a celebratory evening attended by guests and the general public. Here are a few photos of our group project work performed in October 2014.